Against the backdrop of the post-medium condition, where concepts dictate media, Cheesemouse highlights how a medium can be simultaneously appropriate conceptually (cheese and mice being psychologically intertwined) and inappropriate pragmatically (it is difficult to make a mouse out of cheese as it falls apart easily and it really smells).

It also explores how these levels of appropriacy are not fixed and can change over time, thus also becoming  pragmatically appropriate over time.

Cheesemouse was performed live at the opening of the “Cut” exhibition at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield, 8th August 2014.

Picture credit Bank Street Arts

Picture credit Helen Frank

It quickly fell over.

Cheesemouse then stayed in the gallery for 24 days, growing furrier by the day and gradually becoming an appropriate medium physically as well as conceptually.

5 days:

8 days:

12 days:

19 days:

24 days: