I am a Welsh artist based in Sheffield, working in various media (video, found objects, sculptural installation, painting & web-based art). Recent work explores the relationship between our physical and virtual worlds and interrogates our experience and behaviour within and between them, considering themes of space, objectivity, erasure and connection. This focus comes from a curiosity about virtual/physical hybridity and its potential as a source of creativity and commentary. Through constructing metaphors for the evolving behaviours, relationships and experiences which we encounter in our increasingly hybridised lives, we can catch a glimpse into the post-dimensional sublime, at a time when humanity is increasingly shifting from being the subject to the object of activity.

A lot of my other work which doesn’t fit into the category outlined above can be characterised as usually quite playful or absurd, and in some way connected to systems. My instinct when encountering a system is to see how it breaks, and when faced with chaos is to organise it. I find I’m generally trying to make the kind of work that I get the most out of when I encounter it – work that focuses down on some small moment and elevates it, points at some sort of truth (often the unseen connectedness of things), or work that presents the viewer with a gift: a starting-off point for thinking.